November 1, 2012

Week 9 Picks: Thursday Night Edition

Rivers has led a disappointing offense and it starts with him.
Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) @ San Diego Chargers (3-4)

Historically, the Chiefs and Chargers have been rivals since 1960. The their series is knotted at 52-52-1.  Why does this matter? Well, it doesn't matter at all, but it shows how equal these teams have been throughout the years.  The Chiefs and Chargers are very similar this season as well.

Both starting quarterbacks, Philip Rivers and Matt Cassell, have both struggled this season for various reasons.  Rivers has struggled with interceptions and some of that is because of a lack of a deep threat and a running game that is ranked 21st. Cassell has been a train wreck so far this season.  He has been so bad that he would not be starting this game if not for a concussion to Brady Quinn.  That's right, the Chiefs would choose to start Quinn of all people in front of Cassell.  Cassell has thrown 10 interceptions on the season. One would think having Jamal Charles and the 4th ranked rushing offense would open up the field a little for Cassell but that has not been the case. The Chiefs rank 27th in passing offense. The Chargers are only one notch better at 26th.

Common Factors
- Both are on losing streaks. Chiefs have lost the last four and the Chargers the last three.

- Both coaches are on the hot seat. The Chiefs' Romeo Crennell is only 3-7 since taking over for the last three games last season. Norv Turner is perpetually on the hot seat, but this season could be his undoing unless the Chargers make one of their patented late-season charges

Prediction: The Chiefs are at their best when they can run the ball. The Chargers are ranked 2nd in the NFL in rush defense. Who will give in this matchup? The Chiefs have Jamal Charles, so he could rush for 200 yards or 20 yards.  Tough Call.  The Chargers will be without Eddie Royal and Robert Meachem at receiver.  The Chargers will also be going against Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, two pass rushers that can beat up the Chargers line.  Also, add in safety Eric Berry and Rivers penchant to throw into coverage, the Chiefs pull this one out in San Diego. Chiefs 24, Chargers18