September 27, 2012

The NFL and their locked out officials agree to a deal

The confusion on the field should stop with this deal.
Finally. After three poorly officiated weeks, the NFL and their locked out officials have reached a tentative deal which will allow the NFL to get back to normal on the field.

The referees union has not voted on it yet but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has lifted the lockout so the regular officials can work tonights Browns-Ravens game. The union will vote either Friday or Saturday.

Here are the key terms of the deal:
-8-year term covering the 2012-2019 seasons
-Current defined benefit pension plan to remain in place for current officials through 2016 season
-Game officials compensation to increase from an average of $149k a year in 2011 to $173k in 2013 to $205k by 2019
The one thing that can be said about the NFL is that they usually get it right when the game is threatened. This is another example of how quickly the NFL can get something done when it needs to be done. Now lets see if the NHL can do that same thing.