August 13, 2012

No matter what his name is, Ochocinco doesn't deserve another shot

Tom Brady trying to explain a play to Chad Johnson
He can change his name to Ochocinco, back to Johnson, and to anything that gets him attention, but Chad Johnson doesn't deserve another shot in the NFL.  His domestic violence arrest is despicable and he should face the consequences, but my reasoning has nothing to do with his alleged crime.  Johnson hasn't been a viable NFL receiver for over a year now and as his statistics show, at 33, he is on a sharp decline.

Johnson couldn't put up numbers (a paltry 15 receptions) in a pass-heavy offense with one of the greatest quarterbacks to every live in his time in New England so what would make any team want to sign him. What am I talking about, never mind putting up numbers, he couldn't get on the field. Even the wide receiver-needy Miami Dolphins chose to dump him.  Granted, it was after his run-in with police but other players have survived domestic violence charges, but it shows how far he has fallen.  What it also shows is that his act has gotten old.  When you act like a jackass when you are a young superstar, teams will put up with a lot but when you are an aging former star, your leash gets much shorter.

Why would any team want a player like Johnson? He constantly tweets things that aren't funny and in New England he could have used that time studying the playbook.  Johnson is just a self-promoter, that doesn't give enough time to his craft and that has led to a steep decline in production and the number of teams that want to employ him.

Johnson will most likely get another shot with some team hoping that he can give them a spark.  That team will be disappointed and eventually get rid of him just like the Bengals, Patriots and Dolphins did.  Johnson should retire and try to get on a reality show. That is what he has turned himself into. No longer is he an NFL star, he is an entertainer.