July 30, 2012

Ciriaco, Red Sox take down Yanks late


Maybe, just maybe, the Red Sox aren't dead just yet. Two nights in a row the Red Sox lost a lead to the Yankees and fought back to win, taking two out of three this past weekend.  They are still four games out of the second wild card at this point.  With less than 36 hours until the trade deadline, what will this series mean for the Sox front office? Will they be sellers or buyers? I'm not sure anyone outside of the organization knows. On the other hand, the way the team has been managed, I wouldn't be surprised if there are multiple ideas and not one cohesive idea in Red Sox management.

Two nights in a row, Pedro Ciriaco had the go-ahead hit for the Sox. Will a starting spot at shortstop be far behind?...Buster Olney told Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio that in the next 5-10 days Carl Crawford will meet with the Sox to discuss when he will have Tommy John Surgery.  Like Olney said that should be interesting because the Sox have stated that he doesn't need it and Crawford seems convinced he does. They should probably just shut him down now...Josh Beckett looks like he is the man on the block for the Sox, but he does have a no trade clause.